Vivobarefoot Ra III, Mens Leather Barefoot Oxford Lace Up Shoe Review




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Best barefoot dress shoe for men review

Are you looking for barefoot dress shoes to wear to the office, a wedding, or your next formal or professional event? Well, we’ve done the hard work for you. This review will examine the Vivobarefoot Ra III Mens Leather Barefoot Oxford Lace Up Shoe. We will dive into each shoe’s features, comfort level, and overall performance to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s get started!

Introducing the perfect fusion of style and natural movement for men seeking comfort and freedom in their footwear: barefoot dress shoes. Vivobarefoot stands out with its exceptional Ra III model among the leading names in this innovative category. These barefoot dress shoes are designed specifically for men and provide a unique blend of elegance, functionality, and foot-friendly features.

Regarding men’s footwear, comfort is often sacrificed in pursuing style. However, with the Vivobarefoot Ra III, you no longer have to compromise. These sleek yet comfortable shoes combine the sophistication of dress shoes with the benefits of walking barefoot. By promoting a natural gait and allowing your feet to move unrestricted, they offer unparalleled comfort often lacking in traditional formal footwear.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Vivobarefoot Ra III shoes boast premium materials and impeccable craftsmanship. The minimalist design in various classic color options ensures they complement any formal or business attire effortlessly. From important business meetings to special occasions, these barefoot dress shoes for men allow you to make a lasting impression while keeping your feet happy and healthy.

Featuring Vivobarefoot’s signature minimalist design philosophy, the Ra III shoes incorporate a wide toe box that allows your toes to splay naturally, providing optimal balance and stability. The ultra-thin, flexible sole encourages sensory feedback, letting you feel the ground beneath your feet while providing the necessary protection. Whether navigating the office corridors or strolling through city streets, the Vivobarefoot Ra III shoes deliver an unmatched barefoot experience, combining style, comfort, and performance like no other dress shoe on the market.

Vivobarefoot Men’s Leather Oxford Barefoot Shoe

Vivobarefoot Ra III, Mens Leather Barefoot Oxford Lace Up Shoe

Barefoot Dress Shoes Mens Vivobarefoot Ra III, Leather Oxford Lace Up Shoe Review

If you’re looking for a barefoot dress shoe that combines style, comfort, and durability, the Vivobarefoot Ra III is one to consider. With its sleek leather design and lace-up closure, this shoe is perfect for formal occasions or office days.

Why You Should Consider This Product

One of the main reasons to consider the Vivobarefoot Ra III is its barefoot design. Unlike traditional dress shoes, this shoe allows for natural movement and flexibility, promoting better posture and foot health. The wide toe box allows your toes to splay naturally, providing a more comfortable and natural walking experience. If you value the idea of being able to feel the ground beneath your feet, this shoe is a perfect choice.

Why We Like This Product

We are particularly fond of the Vivobarefoot Ra III for several reasons. Its simple yet sophisticated design makes it a versatile option for various outfits. Whether wearing a suit or wearing it down with jeans, this shoe always looks great.

Additionally, the fact that this shoe is made with premium leather ensures its durability and longevity. Not only will it withstand the test of time, but the leather also gives it a polished and classy appearance that other dress shoes may lack.

Overview of the Product’s Purpose and Key Features

The Vivobarefoot Ra III is designed to give you the benefits of going barefoot while maintaining a formal and professional look. Its thin sole provides just enough protection without sacrificing the feeling of being barefoot. The Oxford lace-up design adds a touch of style and allows for a secure and customizable fit.

The Vivobarefoot Ra III features include a durable leather upper, a flexible and thin sole for maximum ground feel, and a removable cork insole for added comfort and support. The shoe also has a heel height of approximately 0.2 inches, providing a minimal drop from heel to toe.

Is This a Quality Built Product?

Absolutely. The Vivobarefoot Ra III is constructed with high-quality materials and attention to detail. The leather upper is not only stylish but also sturdy and long-lasting. The thin sole is made of durable rubber that allows for natural movement while providing adequate protection. The lace-up closure ensures a secure fit, and the removable cork insole adds a layer of comfort.


  • Stylish and versatile design
  • Barefoot feel with natural movement and wide toe box
  • Excellent durability with premium leather construction
  • Customizable fit with lace-up closure
  • Comfortable with a removable cork insole


  • Sizing may run slightly small, so it’s recommended to order one size larger than usual

if you’re in need of a barefoot dress shoe that combines style, comfort, and high-quality construction, the Vivobarefoot Ra III is an excellent choice. Its sleek design, wide-toe box, and durable leather make it perfect for formal occasions and everyday wear. Don’t be deterred by the sizing issue; order one size larger than your usual to ensure the perfect fit. With the Vivobarefoot Ra III, you can enjoy the benefits of going barefoot without compromising style or comfort.

If you are looking for other options for the best barefoot dress shoes for men, we compare Vivobarefoot Ra III in black, the Addis Oxford, and the Vivabarefoot Ra III Leather Shoes in Sand and Brown in this post.

Conclusion: Barefoot Dress Shoes Mens Vivobarefoot Ra III

Vivobarefoot Ra III, Mens Leather Barefoot Oxford Lace Up Shoe

The Vivobarefoot Ra III is a leather barefoot oxford lace-up shoe with a minimalist design but may not be ideal for those with wider feet. They provide the freedom and comfort of barefoot movement without compromising on style. With these exceptional barefoot dress shoes for men, you can confidently stride through your day, feeling both empowered and stylish, knowing that your feet are well taken care of. Invest in your comfort and style with Vivobarefoot Ra III—where sophistication meets natural movement.

Considering the drawbacks and recommendations, if you are looking for a comfortable minimalist shoe for everyday wear, this shoe could be the perfect choice; however, you may be better suited to a shoe with a wide fit and upgraded footbed if you have a wide foot.

Upgrade your formal footwear collection with the Vivobarefoot Ra III and discover a new level of style and natural mobility.

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