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Introducing the Splay Freestyle, a pair of affordable barefoot sneakers that can benefit the whole family. This Splay Freestyle review will examine the Freestyle Splay sneakers and their benefits, including a foot-shaped toe box, a thin flexible sole, and no heel rise. These shoes promote natural foot movement, maintain good alignment, and prevent foot issues such as plantar fasciitis.

What are Splay Shoes?

Splay is a brand originally focused on children’s shoes but has also expanded into making adult shoes. The shoe I’ve been testing is the Splay Freestyle, and I must say it’s a fantastic shoe. Splay is committed to creating shoes that promote natural movement, freedom, and healthy footwear.

If you don’t own the Splay Freestyle, you may be missing out on the benefits of this fabulous barefoot footwear. Mainstream sneaker brands like Vans lack the foot-shaped toe box and thin, flexible sole these sneakers offer. Without these features, you may be unable to encourage using arch muscles while walking or improve blood flow. Additionally, the lack of heel rise in the Splay Freestyle ensures good alignment and reduces joint stress. Not having these advantages may lead to discomfort and foot issues in the long run.

With their affordable price and stylish design, these sneakers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for barefoot footwear for the whole family. Don’t forget to use the code PURELYBAREFOOT to save 10% on your Splay purchase. Upgrade your footwear now and embrace the benefits of barefoot shoes with Splay Shoes Freestyle sneakers.

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How Splay Freestyle Works

The Splay Freestyle is designed to provide a barefoot experience while offering comfort and support for the whole family. Its unique features contribute to natural foot movement, proper alignment, and foot health.

Anatomically Shaped Toe Box

One of the standout features of the Splay Freestyle is its foot-shaped toe box. Unlike traditional sneakers that squeeze the toes together, these sneakers allow the big toe to lay straight. This design promotes using arch muscles while walking and improves blood flow. The Freestyle Splay sneakers help prevent issues like bunions and hammertoes by allowing your toes to splay naturally.

Thin and Flexible Sole

The Splay Freestyle features a thin and flexible sole, miming the feeling of walking barefoot. This allows your feet’s natural biomechanics to come into play, encouraging proper foot and leg alignment. The flexibility of the sole also enhances your foot’s ability to articulate and adapt to different surfaces, promoting overall foot strength.

Zero drop shoe – No Heel Rise

Unlike many conventional sneakers with a raised heel, the Splay Freestyle has no heel rise. This is called zero drop. This design aspect is beneficial for maintaining good alignment and reducing joint stress. By offering a flat sole, the Splay Freestyle encourages a more natural gait pattern and allows your feet to move as they were designed to.

Shoe laces

The Splay Freestyle shoe design features shoelaces, so you can keep them firmly fitted to your feet. If you prefer a style with velcro instead of laces, then the Splay Explore is the shoe for you. Splay Explore also comes in kids’ sizes. Check out our comprehensive Splay Explore shoes review here.

Splay Sizing

Finding the right size for barefoot shoes can sometimes be tricky, but Splay provides a helpful size guide on their website. You can download a Splay Shoes size chart here.

Splay Freestyle Uses

The Splay Freestyle is a versatile sneaker used in various situations. Whether you’re going for a leisurely walk or engaging in more rigorous activities, these barefoot sneakers provide the support and freedom your feet need.

Everyday Wear

The Splay Freestyle is perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re running errands, going to work, or simply walking around the neighborhood, these sneakers offer comfort and flexibility. The foot-shaped toe box and thin sole allow your feet to move naturally, providing a more enjoyable and comfortable experience throughout the day.

Fitness and Sports Activities

These Splay sneakers can enhance your performance if you enjoy fitness activities like yoga, pilates, or weightlifting. They are not recommended as running shoes. The thin and flexible sole allows you to feel the ground beneath you, facilitating better balance, stability, and engagement of your foot muscles. These sneakers also provide sufficient grip, making them suitable for activities that require agility and quick movements.

Outdoor Adventures

The Splay Freestyle is a great option for those who love spending time outdoors. Whether hiking, camping, or exploring nature trails, these Splay sneakers offer the perfect combination of protection and sensory feedback. The flexible sole allows for better ground connection, while the foot-shaped toe box provides ample room for your toes to move and adapt to uneven terrain.

splay freestyle review
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Product Specifications

SpecificationDetails: Splay Freestyle review
BrandSplay Shoes
Product NameSplay Freestyle
Sizes AvailableToddler to US men’s 13
ThicknessKids sizes (4mm), Big Kid/Women’s sizes (5mm), Men’s sizes (6.5mm)
Suitable Foot TypesMedium to low volume feet
Comes in canvas upperYes
Comes in leather upperYes

Who Is Splay Freestyle For

These Splay sneakers is suitable for many individuals, from toddlers to adults. These barefoot sneakers are particularly beneficial for those prioritizing natural foot movement, proper alignment, and foot health. They work well for people with medium to low-volume feet and can be comfortably worn by individuals of all ages.

  • Fitness enthusiasts who engage in activities that require foot strength and stability
  • Men’s, women’s and children’s sizes available
  • People who spend a significant amount of time on their feet, such as healthcare workers or retail employees
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring nature trails
  • Parents who want to prioritize their child’s foot development and health

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Splay Freestyle Review: Pros and Cons


  • Foot-shaped toe box promotes natural toe splay and foot alignment
  • Wider width makes them an excellent choice for those with broader feet
  • Thin and flexible sole mimics the feeling of walking barefoot
  • No heel rise ensures proper alignment and reduces stress on joints
  • The simplistic and classic appearance of the shoes adds to their appeal
  • Removable insole offers versatility in cushioning levels to suit individual preferences
  • Suitable for a wide range of foot types
  • Vegan-friendly materials
  • Affordable price compared to other barefoot shoe brands
  • Stylish design


  • May not be suitable for individuals with high arches or specific foot conditions that require orthopedic support
  • The foot shaped toe box design may not appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences.
  • In warmer conditions, the insole may slip slightly, which can be mitigated by removing it
  • Limited color options compared to mainstream sneaker brands

Splay Freestyle Review FAQ’s

Q: Can I wear the Splay Freestyle for running or high-impact activities?
A: While the Splay Freestyle provides flexibility and a ground feel, it may not offer sufficient cushioning and support for high-impact activities like running. Exploring Splay Shoes’ other models specifically designed for running or consulting with a podiatrist for personalized recommendations is recommended.

Q: How do I know which size to choose?
A: Splay Shoes provides a printable sizing guide on their website to help you measure your feet accurately. It is important to follow the instructions carefully to determine the correct size for your foot.

Q: Are the Splay Freestyle sneakers suitable for narrow feet?
A: While the Splay Freestyle is designed to fit most foot types, including medium to low-volume feet, individuals with narrow feet may find extra space in the toe box. Try them on or consult with the Splay Shoes customer service team for more guidance.

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What Customers Say About the Freestyle Splay Sneakers

Customers who have tried the Splay Freestyle praise its comfortable fit, minimalist design, and the benefits of transitioning to a barefoot shoe.

One satisfied customer mentioned, “I think if you’re wanting a budget-friendly barefoot shoe for daily wear, then the Splay Freestyle is a great model to explore…. This model delivers a consistent fit and feel with a fairly clean construction. I also like the width of this model’s forefoot and if you’re worried about having enough room to splay the toes, I don’t think that will be an issue in this shoe.” Jake B.

Another customer appreciated them, stating, “I have been buying them for my 2 kids for a few years. They’re great shoes. I also pre-ordered a few adult sizes for my partner and I when they first launched. They are pretty decent. Not a running shoe at all but they are a great casual shoe with a nice wide toe box. Wider than Xero or vivos IMO. I am definitely happy with them. And I plan to continue buying their children’s shoes as long as I can for my little ones. I have been through literally dozens of pairs. They all hold up well. Washable, and durable enough to be hand me downs. Several pairs have gone through both kids feet as they grew up the sizes.” Intergalactagogue

Overall Value

These Splay sneakers are a good fit for people looking to embrace the benefits of barefoot footwear without breaking the bank. With the Splay Freestyle sneaker’s foot-shaped toe box, thin flexible sole, and no heel rise, these sneakers promote natural foot movement and good alignment. They are suitable for everyday wear, fitness activities, and outdoor adventures, making them a versatile option for the whole family. The Splay Freestyle combines affordability, comfort, and style, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a barefoot shoe experience.

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Tips and Tricks for Best Results

  • Measure your feet using the printable sizing guide provided by Splay Shoes to ensure a proper fit.
  • Gradually transition to barefoot sneakers if you’re new to this type of footwear.
  • Practice proper foot strengthening and stretching exercises to enhance the benefits of the Splay Freestyle further.
  • Keep your sneakers clean and dry to maintain their condition and extend their lifespan.
  • Experiment with different lacing techniques to customize the fit for your feet.

Conclusion: Splay Freestyle review

In conclusion, the Splay Freestyle by Splay Shoes is an affordable and versatile option for those seeking barefoot footwear for the whole family. Its foot-shaped toe box, thin flexible sole, and no heel rise promote natural foot movement, good alignment, and foot health. Whether going about your daily activities, engaging in fitness, or exploring the great outdoors, these Splay sneakers provide the comfort and support you need. Upgrade your footwear and discover the benefits of barefoot shoes with the Splay Freestyle.

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